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H45 heater parts

By | 15.07.2020

Log in. Wiki Pages Latest activity. Media New media New comments Search media. Stove Reviews. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Can you tell me about military can-style "tent" heaters?

Thread starter Val Start date Jan 8, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Val Member. Mar 17, NY. Are these useful heaters? Or are they really meant for outdoors tents and not as good for a cabin or garage?

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I would use one for liquid fuels and not wood Nov 12, Appleton, Newfoundland. Do you currently have a wood stove in the cabin or garage you are referring to? A wood stove with a oil drip option would be ideal. Those types of heaters are not meant for long term use, over a weekend maybe. SKIN said:.

Post your H45 heater setups

Applesister Minister of Fire. Dec 5, 2, Upstate NY. The dangers of exhaust fumes are deadly. They can kill you quicker than hypothermia. Im not real smart about this kind of thing but You CAN suffer brain damage without even knowing it. I was at a feed store the other day and the owner had some heat light mounted to the ceiling that was blowing some serious hot air. Like the kind of heaters used in calfing barns or livestock barns.

I can ask the owner what it was. Propane or gas maybePage of 2 Go. Quick Links. For your own records,staple or attach your sales receipt to this manual. Please also write the store. Optimus Enterprise, Inc. The warranty does not apply to repairs necessitated. States or Canada. Unless otherwise proscribed by law, Optimus Enterprise, Inc. This warranty is the only warranty extended by Optimus Enterprise, Inc.

Some states do not allow limitations on how long implied warranty lasts or the exclusion. This warranty gives you specific legal rights you may also have other rights which vary. Should the heater fail during the warranty period, the owner should:. Within the first 30 days from date of purchase, the store from which you purchased your Optimus. Within the first 12 months from date of purchase, Optimus Enterprise, Inc.

Enterprise, Inc. In year 2 through 3 from date of purchase, Optimus Enterprise, Inc. Your warranty depends on your following these instructions if you are returning the unit more than Address an envelope as follows:. Please also include a brief explanation of the. Our customer service representative will be happy to help you.

Table of Contents. Portable oscillating ceramic heater with thermostat 4 pages. Put the heater on top of the extension pole. Thank you for choosing an Optimus heater. To ensure the best performance from your heater, Use the screw located on the base of the heater to screw it please read and save the following instructions. Comments to this Manuals Your Name:.

Enter text from picture:. Why is it doing this? Print page 1 Print document 2 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign in OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password.Manuals Brands Mr. Page of 18 Go. Quick Links. Download this manual. Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can. Refer to this manual. For assistance or additional. DO NOT use any telephone in your house. Immediately call your local gas supplier from a.

Follow the gas supplier's instructions. Do not touch any electrical switch; do not use any phone in your building. Installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer, service agency or the gas.

If you cannot reach your gas supplier, call the Fire Department. Do not store or use gasoline or other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of. Table of Contents.

Related Manuals for Mr. Gas-fired infra-red portable construction heater 16 pages. Forced-air natural gas construction heater 16 pages.

Heater Mr.

H45 Startup Part 1 of 3

Summary of Contents for Mr. Installation instructions, two mounting brackets shipped looseand a flue transition are Sides Access Panel included. Check the unit for shipping damage. The receiving party should contact the last carrier immediately if any shipping damage is found. Page 6: Unit Heater Installation These units are approved for residential applications. The minimum horizontal vent length is three feet mm.

Page 8 Vent termination must be a minimum of 4' 1. Vent must be a minimum of 6' from an inside corner formed Refer to table 2 for maximum vent connector lengths. Page Venting Follow the lighting instructions. Adjust thermostat so appliance will operate continuously. Test for spillage at the draft hood relief opening after five UNIT minutes of main burner operation.

Use the flame of a match or candle, or smoke from a cigarette, cigar, or pipe. There is no pilot necessary as the spark lights the of ignition to check for gas leaks. The direct spark ignition IMPORTANT The heater and its individual shut off valve must be control board emits radio noise as the sparking process is disconnected from the gas supply piping system during anyClick here to visit The FieroStore View all sponsors.

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h45 heater parts

Cooter posts Member since Jun It seems that eBay sellers found a warehouse full of these surplus diesel fuel powered tent heaters. A friend picked one up to put in his shop and we have played around with it just a bit and for a non-powered heater, it really throws out some BTU's! After getting all the cosmoline burned off, there is no odor from it and it runs for at least a couple of hours on a gallon of fuel.

With the old fry oil, it burns clean and seems to heat about as well as it does with straight diesel. I used a thermal gun to check the temp of the outside of the heater and with the fry oil, there was about degrees difference degrees vs - still plenty hot enough to heat the shop.

IP: Logged. Is it what used to be called the hunter heater--just a round tub looking thing? Hunters are hard to beat. The newer style, you attach a tank off to the side of it--the older ones, you just pour fuel into the bottom of the tub.

That's the one. It came with an adjustable 'thermostat' with selections for the different fuels, and the hoses for attaching it to a standard 5 gallon 'jerry can'. Super simple and effective design. The surplus market seems to be flooded with them right now, so I wonder if a replacement has been issued and all the old ones are being phased out. If you need a small shop heater, this thing will do it. If it has hoses, then it's a relatively newer model than what I have expereince with.

The old ones I am familar with, look a lot like that, but were from the s and Korean War. When it ran out of fuel, youlet it cool down and poured some more desel into the bottom of it--had some kind of wick looking thing all around the bottom. Dec 7th, Posts: From: Free America! Registered: Dec Report this Post AM. Government liquidation has them now and again in lots of 12 usually of lots of several lift2 of 12 each.

Never had any experience though. Sounds expensive. Probably buy the lot of 12 for bucks but you still deal with shipping if you can't pick up yourself. I figured they went pretty cheap at the government auctions, but they are heavy like 80 poundsso the cost of shipping them is steep.Sure, ad-blocking software does a great job at blocking ads, but it also blocks useful features of our website like our supporting vendors.

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h45 heater parts

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Post your H45 heater setups.

Thread starter bookpile Start date Dec 4, Steel Soldiers is supported by: 1 2 Next. I am planning on installing it in my woodshop and was wondering if anyone has any pictures of their heater installed permanently. Do you actually use a military tripod for the fuel can or do you have something else rigged up?

U.S. Armed Forces Hunter Space Heater/Stove Large (H-45) Type 2

Will any standard 4" stove pipe work? I'm going to go out the wall with it. Should I run the stack up vertically and then go out the wall, or try to go out the wall as soon as possible? Will it affect the burn at all either way? Steel Soldiers Supporter. Yes, run it vertically first, you need to generate updraft so the smoke is carried out. Also, have you spoke yo your insurance co. I was going to install a wood heater in my garage and they said I wouldn't be covered if there was a fire.

Might want to get that info before you hook it up. Rapracing New member. Last edited: Dec 4, It will be in a detached 50 feet away garage. The walls are 12" block. If there's a fire and I'm not covered it wouldn't be good but not the end of the world either. So I guess no one installs these permanently?The Prevost Online Parts Ordering process is the most advanced and customer-focused system in the motorcoach world.

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As a cornerstone of the legendary Prevost Parts and Service Network, we have the capabilities, the reach, and depth of technical knowledge to make parts identification, placement of orders, and order shipping and tracking convenient and easy.

Same-day shipping We offer same-day shipping of stock parts anywhere in the United States and Canada for orders received before 2 p.

Prevost Parts exclusive computerized parts catalog provides immediate access to all coach assemblies, subassemblies, and components. Prevost Parts and Service Centers use RF barcode technology for quick shipment of parts and, with the exception of normal wear items, all parts supplied and installed in a Prevost Parts and Service Center carry a one-year warranty. Skip to main content. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. Parts Ordering: Convenient and fast — anytime of the day or night The Prevost Online Parts Ordering process is the most advanced and customer-focused system in the motorcoach world.

X Commuter. Volvo X VIP Entertainer. H VIP Specialty. X VIP Specialty. Locate a Converter. Why a Prevost. H VIP. X VIP. Online Parts Ordering. Technical Publications. Parts Catalog.This is my H test stove at full tilt on low during the day. Plastic Jerry Cans that fit the can adapter Also on Ebay. Yet another brutal winter has a lot of people thinking about heating their homes when the power goes out. Even a few days without heat can be deadly, let alone the potential damages to your home from frozen water pipes and expanding ice.

Imagine a whole winter without heat! Could you survive it? How would you survive it is the better question. Because if you live in the country, it is easy to just own an emergency wood stove, and keep a cord of wood covered in the back yard. That will keep you warm enough, and keep your pipes from freezing. If you heat with home heating oil, the crazy thing about losing heat when the power goes out is that you have a couple hundred gallons of BTU rich fuel sitting right their in your basement tank.

h45 heater parts

The reason you lose heat is that the igniter and pumps use electricity. That fuel sits there, completely useless. The same will be true for long term survival. You may not have a lot of trees to burn in your neighborhood using a traditional woodstove, but my guess is that between your oil tank, and the tanks of your bugged out or dead neighbors, you could probably survive several winters without having to carry fuel more than a mile.

Add to that all the gasoline that is in all of the cars that get left behind and if there is a good chance that the collapse will burn itself out before you burn through all of your fuel.

Life at some point will return to a semblance of normal…I hope. So what you really need is a heater that can heat enough of your home to live in, without the use of electricity. These are the parts that came with my stove. Top right are the top and bottom cans, then below is the burner assembly and to the left the fuel regulator, fuel lines, can adapter and not shown are the vent pipes. As you can see, they are somewhat corroded and rusted because the box had gotten wet and stayed wet for months.

My fix for the missing part was simple, and it worked. Here you can see the gas cap adapter and the two tubes bottom left that my stove was missing from the kit that are used with the adapter to allow the can to breath while the fuel drips out.

These cans had wide screw holes, and the adapter for the heater only fits these holes. On the right, the red one is what you are looking for. The other thing you kind of need but could get by without is the stand for the can. This could be made very easily yourself with wood, or you could figure out some other way to suspend the can.

If you want to use the heater for ice fishing or other portable application it is well worth the investment because it folds up. I initially was sloppy with tightening the cap down and it got much hotter than it should have because of the extra oxygen getting in through the gaps.

The cap adapter fits the inside of the plastic can spout and the standard hole on the red can. The rubber gasket comes with the can adapter. Take a look through the pictures here and make sure that you are getting as many of the required parts as you can.

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